(May 30, 1969 - ?)


May 30:

Wilson Mower Pursuit, The Litter (Opening Night)
May 31: The Bob Seger System, Wilson Mower Pursuit

June 7: Plain Brown Wrapper, Underground Wall
June 14: SRC, Brownsville Station
June 21: The Rationals, Frijid Pink
June 28: Catfish, Tulsa County, Madrigal

July 5: Procol Harum, Catfish
July 12: Wilson Mower Pursuit, Brownsville Station
July 13: Three Dog Night, The Sunday Funnies
July 19: The Box Tops, Head Over Heels
July 26: The Electric Prunes, The Blade

August 2: The Bob Seger System
August 9: The Spencer Davis Group, The Rumor
August 16: The Amboy Dukes, The Sunday Funnies
August 23: Catfish, The Maxx, The Attack
August 30: Girls Inc., Brownsville Station, The Sunday Funnies,
Floating Circus, Madrigal, Poetic Justice, (Poor Richard's?) Almanac

September 6: The Bob Seger System, Night Face, Ultra-Light Show
September 13: The Third Power, Underground Wall
September 27: The Stooges, The Woolies

October 4: The Blade, The Rumor
October 11: Wilson Mower Pursuit, The Blade
October 18: Virgin Dawn


May 30:

Brownsville Station, The Rationals, The Sunday Funnies,
All the Lonely People, Blues Train (Open for the Season)

June 6: The Stooges, Wesselfox
June 13: SRC, Swallow
June 20: Savage Grace, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen
June 27: The Frost, Promise

July 4: Frijid Pink, The Rationals
July 11: The Third Power, The Sunday Funnies, Magpie
July 18: Savage Grace, Catfish
July 25: The Stooges, White Light

August 1: The Bob Seger System, The Up, The Tea
August 8: Shakey Jake, White Light, The Bump, Promise
August 15: The Frost, Ormandy
August 22: The Third Power, Universal Family, White Light
August 29: Salvage (with Bob "Catfish" Hodge), All the Lonely People,
The Tea, Shakey Jake, Scarecrow, My Friend, & more...

September 5: SRC, Ormandy, Plain Brown Wrapper, Julia, Knife (Last show of the Season)


May 29:

The Sunday Funnies, Silver Hawk, The Tea, Cradle,
Jam Band, The Third Power, & more... (Season Opener)

June 5: Catfish, The Up, Ormandy
June 12: Detroit, The Assemblage, Virgin Dawn
June 26: SRC, Mutzie, Suite Charity

July 3: The Sunday Funnies, The Up, Julia, The Tea,
The Whiz Kids, The Assemblage, The Frut, Silver Hawk
July 10: Brownsville Station, Jam Band, Crab Repellent


July 17: Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, The Rumor, Cookie
July 24: The Stooges, Bull Frog, Brat
July 31: MC5, Julia, The Coming

August 7: The Stooges, The Rumor, The Tea


August 14: Savage Grace, Guardian Angel, Salem Witchcraft

September 4: Brownsville Station, Guardian Angel,
Julia, Bull Frog, Jonathon Round