(1968? - 1969)


April 27:

The Seven Sounds, The Bottle Company

May 4: MC5, The Up
May 11: House of Josef, Panic & The Pack

June 15:

MC5, The Zue

July 27:

MC5, The Gray Fog

December 7: The Third Power, The Hallucinations (Pre-J. Geils Band?)


January 3:

The Third Power
January 4: The Soul Sextet, Mermaid Tavern
January 10: SRC, Honey Graham
January 11: Mandala, Tish
January 17: MC5, The Rats

January 18: The Pleasure Seekers, The World
January 24: Mandala, The Electric Blues Band

January 25: The Amboy Dukes, Phenomenom

February 7: The Frost, Train, Ultra-Light Show

February 8: Wicked Religion, Grey Fogg
February 9: Wilson Mower Pursuit, The Soul Sextet, Mandala, Train, The Shaggs, The Red, White & Blues Band, Now & Then, The Stuart Avery Assemblage, The Third Power, All the Lonely People ("Youth Assistance Program" benefit)

February 14: The Red, White & Blues Band, Mandala
February 15: The Rationals, The Tea
February 21: The Red, White & Blues Band, Phenomena, Train, Plum Wine

February 22: Plum Wine, ???
February 28: SRC, The Lawrence Blues Band

March 1: Caste, The James Gang
March 7: The Woolies, The Frut of the Loom (Mermaid Tavern?)

March 8: Frijid Pink, Plain Brown Wrapper
March 14: The Frost, Jade Angel
March 15: Meditation, The Carousel
March 21: The March Brothers, The Third Power, The Intrigue, The World
March 22: The Unrelated Segments, Ebony Tusks
March 23: Procol Harum, The Tea, The Warlocks (1st Show)
Procol Harum, The Stuart Avery Assemblage (2nd Show)

March 28: Poor Richard's Almanac, The Shaggs

March 29: Bubble Puppy, The Stuart Avery Assemblage

April 4: The Tea, The Electric Blues Band, Ultra-Light Show

April 5: The Third Power, Savage Grace
April 9: Underground Wall, The Stuart Avery Assemblage, Ellie Pop
April 11: The Frost, Ellie Pop
April 12: Wilson Mower Pursuit, Train
April 18: The Rationals, Head Over Heels

April 19: Savage Grace, Professor Cain's Experiment
April 20: The Tea, The Bhang, The Carousel ("Pop Concert Fashion Show")
April 25: Head Over Heels, Licorice Philosophy

April 26: The Red, White & Blues Band, 21st Century Zoo

May 2: Poor Richard's Almanac, The Kandle, The Fat Cat

May 3: The James Gang, The Warlocks