"Ted Nugent" (Epic) 1975
   *Derek St. Holmes (G, V) Scott
   *Rob Grange (B) Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes
   *Cliff Davies (D, Vibe, V)
   *Steven McRay (K)
   *Brian Staffeld (Percussion)
   *Tom Werman (Percussion)

"Free-For-All" (Epic) 1976
"Cat Scratch Fever" (Epic) 1977
"Double Live Gonzo" (Epic) 1978
"Weekend Warriors" (Epic) 1978
"State Of Shock" (Epic) 1979
"Scream Dream" (Epic) 1980
"Intensities In 10 Cities" (Epic) 1981
"Great Gonzos: The Best Of..." (Epic) 1981
"Nugent" (Atlantic) 1982
"Penetrator" (Atlantic) 1984
"Little Miss Dangerous" (Atlantic) 1986
"If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em" (Atlantic) 1988
"Spirit Of The Wild" (Atlantic) 1995
"Motor City Madness" (Sony Special Products) May 13, 1996
"Live At Hammersmith '79" (Sony) 1997
"Super Hits" (Sony) January 27, 1998