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Stoke the fire, grab a beverage and journey back to those
halcyon days of Michigan rock supremacy!

Editorial: The Michigan Scene Today - An excellent essay on the state of the Michigan rock scene, circa 1970.
Explores the emerging downslide of the scene, its problems and possible solutions.
"SRC Music Is Like Between Easy Rock and Roll and Scary" - Good article that provides biographical & historical info on the almighty SRC
(Scot Richard Case).
The Michigan Bands - Current (for 1970) happenings & events for several of the area's top groups.*
Survival Of The Fittest Live - Amboy Dukes drummer K.J. Knight reminisces about the live album & life with Ted Nugent.
Grand Funk Railroad or...The Great Train Robbery - Mark, Don, Mel & Terry discuss their storied beginnings, Detroit audiences
and why it's smart to decline TV exposure!

A Stone For Danny Fisher - On the verge of releasing "Marriage/Rock Bottom", Ted Nugent talks about the Amboy Dukes of yesterday & today.*

Everybody Benefits - A review & analysis of the January, 1970, John Sinclair benefits.*

Savage Grace...A Savage Paradox - Different musical tastes, divergent backgrounds and everyone hates each other!  What greatness could possibly come from this???.*

You've Come A Long Way Baby - Have the MC5 outgrown Detroit?.*

THE RATIONALS:  Your Average High School Band Seven Years Later - A history/analysis of the group, with anecdotes from Scott, Bill, Steve & Terry.*

*From the back pages of Mr. Van Burns, CREEM archivist & Motor City alumnus!