(July 5 - August 30, 1968)

July 5: Ellie Pop, Air Speed Indicator
July 7: MC5, The Frut Of The Loom
July 12: Frigid Pink, Nirvana
July 14: SRC, The Up
July 19: The Thyme, Toad
July 21: The Rationals, The Shagamore Line
July 24: The Amboy Dukes, The Frut Of The Loom
July 26: The Frost, Air Speed Indicator
July 28: Rodney Knight & His Soul Sextet, Wilson Mower Pursuit

August 4: Nickle Plated Express, Children
August 8: MC5, Toad (Possibly Canceled?)

August 11: The Psychedelic Stooges, The Jagged Edge
(Last Show For These Promoters; Iggy's Antics Got Their Lease Revoked)

August 30: The Purple Movement, Pink Lemonade, Air Speed Indicator
("Bob B. Kaye's 'Peach Festival Record Hop'")