#1 (1967)

*Tom LeBlanc (Ld. V, B)
*Ron Artist (Ld. G)
*Steve Paige (G)
*Joey Pannesidi (D)

Lansing, MI.

#2 (1968 - 1971)

*Dennis Pinkston (G)
*Hank Markeson (B)
*Joey Pannesidi (D)

Detroit, MI.

"Originally, The Maxx started in '67... It folded. Joey and Hank Markeson came and got me & we started over. It was '68 and the three of us moved the operation from Lansing to The Motor City. That is really when everything started going well for the band. It was (because of) the new management structure, and living in Detroit. I was 19 when it folded in '71... Just kids!" - Dennis Pinkston

"200 Years" / "Castles" (Signal/Mainstream) 1969