(May?, 1968 - 1980?)

May 17: The Bob Seger System, The Unknowns
May 18: MC5, The Frut of the Loom

June 1: MC5
June 7: The Thyme, The Choice
June 8: The Landers, The Roomers
June 14: Children, The Tea
June 15: The Bottles of Goodness, The Jessie & James Brothers
June 21: The Innsmen, The Myths (formerly The Unknowns)
June 22: The Carousel, The Orange Fuzz

July 23: MC5, Mung
July 26: The Inventions, The Tracks
July 27: "Battle of the Bands"...

August 2: Fringe Benefit, The Midwest Tree Co.
August 3:
August 27:
"Battle of the Bands"...

June 6: Teegarden & Van Winkle, The Tea
June 12: The Frost, The Third Power
December 4: Jam Band, The Maxx, Gunther's Holiday (Re-Opening Night)
December 11: Alice Cooper, The Maxx