(Late 1968 - 1974/1982/1996 - Today)

*Ralph Cole (G, V) The Thyme
*Grant Fullerton (B, V)
*Paul Hoffert (K, Vibes)
*Skip Prokop (D, V) The Paupers
*Pinky Dauvin (Ld. V, Percussion)
*Don Dinovo (Violin, Viola)
*Ian Guenther (Violin)
*Don Whitton (Cello)
*Leslie Schneider (Cello)
*Freddy Stone (Trumpet, Fluglehorn)
*Arnie Chycoski (Trumpet, Fluglehorn)
*Howard Shore (Alto Sax)
*Russ Little (Trombone)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"Lighthouse" (RCA) 1969
"Peacing It All Together" (RCA) 1969
     *Paul Armin (Violin)
     *Dick Armin (Cello)
     *Bruce Cassidy (Trumpet)

"Suite Feelings" (RCA) 1969
     *Myron Moskalyk (Violin)
     *Paul Adamson (Trumpet)

"One Fine Morning" (Evolution) 1970
     *Bob McBride (Ld. V, Percussion)
     *Louie Yacknin (B)
     *Pete Pantaluk (Trumpet)
     *Keith Jollimore (Sax, Flute, V)
     *Larry Smith (Trombone, V)

"Thoughts of Movin' On" (Evolution) 1971
     *Mike Malone (Trumpet, Fluglehorn)
"One Fine Light" (RCA) 1971
"Lighthouse Live!" (Evolution)
     *John Naslen (Trumpet)
"Sunny Days" (Evolution) 1972
     *Al Wilmot (B) SRC
"Can You Feel It?" (GRT/Polydor) 1973
     *Al Wilmot (B)
     *Dale Hillary (Tenor & Alto Sax, V)
     *Rick Stepton (Trombone)

"Good Day" (GRT/Polydor) 1974
     *Sam See (K)
     *Terry Wilkens (B, V)
     *Billy King (D)

"The Best of Lighthouse" (GRT) 1974
"Song of the Ages" (Breaking Records) 1996
     *Dan Clancy (Ld. V)
     *Don Paulton (K)
     *Doug Moore (B)
     *Steve Kennedy (Tenor Sax)
     *Simon Wallis (Baritone Sax)
     *Rick Waychesko (Trumpet)