(? - May 30, 1969?)


November 4:

Panic & The Paak
November 25: The Woolies
November 27: Bob Seger & The Last Heard


September 27:

H. P. & The Grass Route Movement

October 4: The Frost, The March Brothers
October 11: The Bob Seger System, Popcorn Blizzard
October 18: The Jagged Edge, Underground Wall
October 25: Dharma, The Tea

November 1: Wilson Mower Pursuit, The Bottle Company
November 8: The Bob Seger System
November 15: The Amboy Dukes, Underground Wall
November 22: Wilson Mower Pursuit, The Royal Coachmen

December 6: The Third Power, Dharma
December 13: Caste, H. P. & The Grass Route Movement
December 20: Wilson Mower Pursuit, The Bottle Company
December 27: SRC, Tish


January 3:

The Bob Seger System, Madrigal
January 10: Dharma, Dutch Schultz, The Vision
January 17: Mandala, The Shaggs

February 7: The Amboy Dukes, Teegarden & Van Winkle
February 14: The Shadows of Knight, The Harold Steel Band
February 21: MC5, Molka
February 28: The Collectors, Candy Store Syndicate

March 7: The Spencer Davis Group, The Red, White & Blues Band
March 14: The Moby Grape, Group Therapy
March 21: Plain Brown Wrapper, Underground Wall
March 28: SRC, Underground Wall

April 4: The Amboy Dukes, The Third Power
April 11: Plain Brown Wrapper, The Red, White & Blues Band
April 18: The Family, Teegarden & Van Winkle
April 25: The Nice, The Serfs

May 2: Teegarden & Van Winkle, The James Gang
May 9: Plain Brown Wrapper, The Litter
May 16: The Rationals, Brownsville Station
May 23: MC5

May 30: The Bob Seger System, The Tea