(October 11?, 1969 - 1969?)


October 11/Saturday:

The Who, Alice Cooper, Sky
October 12/Sunday: The Who, Sky
October 17/Friday: Lonnie Mack, Shiva, The Frost, Julius Victor, The Third Power
October 18/Saturday: Lonnie Mack, The March Brothers, Frijid Pink, Rush, Pride, The Früt
October 24 & 25/Friday & Saturday: John Mayall, Elvin Bishop, Barry Goldberg & The Red Hot Low

November 1/Saturday: Alice Cooper, The Amboy Dukes, SRC, Richmond
November 7 & 8/Friday & Saturday: Joe Cocker & The Grease Band, Grand Funk Railroad,
The James Gang, Liverpool Scene(?), The Magic Veil Light Show
November 14 & 15/Friday & Saturday: The Band, The Pretty Things, King Crimson, Mott The Hoople,
The Magic Veil Light Show
November 18 & 19/Tuesday & Wednesday: The Moody Blues, Humble Pie, The Flock, The Magic Veil Light Show
November 21 & 22/Friday & Saturday: Johnny Winter, Spooky Tooth, Santana, The Nice, The Magic Veil Light Show
November 28 & 29/Friday & Saturday: Jethro Tull, Chicago Transit Authority, Heads, Hands & Feet

December 7/Sunday: SRC, All the Lonely People, Teegarden Van Winkle, The Frut, more...
("Free John Sinclair" Benefit)