#1 (1967 - Early 1968?)

*Dick Wagner (Ld. G, V) The Bossmen
*Donny Hartman (G, V, Harmonica) Bobby Rigg & The

*Jack Smolinski (B) Bobby Rigg & The Chevelles
*Bobby Rigg (D, V) Bobby Rigg & The Chevelles

Saginaw, MI.
Initially known as The New Bossmen, then Dick Wagner & The Frost(s).

"Rainy Day" / "Bad Girl" (Date) 1967
"Sunshine" / "Little Girl" (Date) 1967

#2 (Early 1968? - 1971?)

*Dick Wagner (Ld. G, V)
*Donny Hartman (G, V, Harmonica)
*Gordy Garris (B, V) Beaux Jens
*Bobby Rigg (D, V)

"Mystery Man" / "Stand In The Shadows" (Vanguard) 1969
"Linda" / "Sweet Lady Love" (Vanguard) 1969
"Rock And Roll Music" / "Donny's Blues" (Vanguard) 1969
"Long Way From Home" / "Black As Night" (Vanguard) 1970

"Frost Music" (Vanguard/LP) 1969
"Rock & Roll Music" (Vanguard/LP) 1969
"Through The Eyes Of Love" (Vanguard/LP) 1970
"Early Frost" (Vanguard/LP) 1978
"Frost Music" (Vanguard/CD) May 6, 1993
"Rock & Roll Music" (Vanguard/CD) July 25, 1994
"Through The Eyes Of Love" (Vanguard/CD) July 25, 1995
"Live At The Grande Ballroom" (Vanguard/Comet (Italy)/CD) 2001

#3 (1971?)

*Dick Wagner (Ld. G, V)
*Donny Hartman (G, V, Harmonica)
*Rick Bozzo (B, V) The Floating Circus
*Bobby Rigg (D, V)

#4 (1971? - 1972?)

*Donny Hartman (G, V, Harmonica)
*Robin Robbins (K) The Assemblage
*Rick Bozzo (B, V)
*Bobby Rigg (D, V)