June 30/Friday:

Jefferson Airplane, MC5, The Rationals,
The Apostles, Ourselves

Airplane 1967
                         ARTIST: CARLSON

December 1/Friday: The Mothers Of Invention

Zappa 1967


March 30/Sunday: Blood, Sweat & Tears,
The Rationals,
The Sunday Funnies

BST 1969


January 19/Wednesday: Deep Purple, Uriah Heep

March 13 & 14/ Monday & Tuesday: Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown, Long John Baldry
March 24/Friday: B. B. King, The James Cotton Blues Band, Muddy Waters

April 2/Sunday: Deep Purple, Nazareth
April 23 & 24/Sunday & Monday: Procol Harum, Mark Almond

May 25/Thursday: Deep Purple, Bull Angus

December 22/Friday: Flash, Blue Oyster Cult, Mom's Apple Pie

Flash 1972


March 9/Friday: Lou Reed, Blue Oyster Cult

Lou Reed 1973

March 27/Tuesday: Iggy & The Stooges

October 27/Saturday: Dr. John, Sylvester & The Hot Band

Dr. John 1973