#1 (?, 1970 - July, 1972)
*Mitch Ryder (V) Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

*Steve Hunter (Ld. G)
*Brett Tuggle (G)
*Harry Phillips (Keyboards) Frijid Pink
*W. R. (Ron) Cooke (B, V) Catfish
*John Badanjek (D, V) Mitch Ryder & The Detroit
     Wheels #2

*Ed "Dirty Ed" Okalski (Congas, Tambourine)

"It Ain't Easy" / "Long Neck Goose" (Paramount) 1971
"Rock And Roll" / "Box Of Old Roses" (Paramount) 1971
"Ohh-La La La-Dee-Da Doo" / "Gimme Shelter" (Paramount) 1972

"Detroit" (Paramount/LP) 1971
     *Mark Manko (G) Catfish
     *John Sauter (B)
     *Boot Hill (Keyboards, Harmonica)

     This band evolved out of The Detroit Wheels #2. Ray Goodman was involved in the
     pre-production of the "Detroit" album, but stepped aside so Steve Hunter could play on it.

"Detroit" (MCA/CD) 1991
"Get Out The Vote (Live 1972)" (Total Energy/CD) June 10, 1997

#2 (?, 1972 - 1974)
*Rusty Day (V) Cactus
*Steve Gaines (G) (1973? - )

    Rio Smokehouse
*Bill Hodgeson (G) (? - ?)
   Popcorn Blizzard/Floating Circus

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Gaines went on to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hodgeson to Shadowfax.