(January 10, 1969 - June?, 1969)


January 10:

The Amboy Dukes
January 11: SRC, Girls Inc.
January 17: Dharma, The Target
January 18: The Rationals

February 7: MC5, Plum Wine
February 8: Poor Richard's Almanac, The Red, White & Blues Band
February 14: Plain Brown Wrapper, The Shaggs
February 15: SRC, The Target
February 21: The Rationals, Maend
February 22: MC5, H. P. & The Grass Route Movement
February 28: The Amboy Dukes, The Attack

March 1: Frijid Pink, The Flow
March 7: The Bob Seger System, The Stuart Avery Assemblage
March 8: H. P. & The Grass Route Movement, The Attack
March 14: The Woolies, Owen Love
March 15: The Free, The Intrigue
March 28: The Amboy Dukes, The Tryle
March 29: The Unrelated Segments, The Kandle

April 4: The Rotary Connection, Poor Richard's Almanac
April 5: The American Breed, The March Brothers
April 18: The Frost, All the Lonely People
April 19: Train, The Electric Blues Band
April 25: The Free, Ashenperpol
April 26: The Rationals, The Tea

May 2: The Amboy Dukes, Owen Love
May 3: Girls Inc., The Intrigue
May 9: The Red, White & Blues Band, Girls Inc.
May 10: The Stooges, Licorice
May 16: The Frost, All the Lonely People, Let There Be Light Show
May 17: The Up, The Wind, Ultra-Light Show
May 23: Owen Love, The Attack
May 24: The Stooges, The Flow
May 28: SRC, Mixed Generation

June 6, 7: CLOSED!