#1(1974 - 1975)

*Bob Seger (V, G, Piano)
*Drew Abbott (G) The Third Power
*Rick Mannassa (K)
*Chris Campbell (B)
*Charlie Allen Martin (D)

#2(1975 - 1978)

*Bob Seger (V, G, Piano)
*Drew Abbott (G)
*Robin Robbins (K) The Frost
*Chris Campbell (B)
*Charlie Allen Martin (D)
*Alto Reed (Tom Cartmell) (Sax) Ormandy

#3 (1978 - 1982)

*Bob Seger (V, G, Piano)
*Drew Abbott (G)
*Craig Frost (K) Flint
*Chris Campbell (B)
*David Teegarden (D) Teegarden & Van Winkle
*Alto Reed (Sax)

#4 (1982 - 1983)

*Bob Seger (V, G, Piano)
*Drew Abbott (G)
*Craig Frost (K)
*Chris Campbell (B)
*Don Brewer (D) Flint
*Alto Reed (Sax)
*Dawayne Bailey (G) (1983 - )

#4 (1983 - 1987)

*Bob Seger (V, G, Piano)
*Dawayne Bailey (G)
*Craig Frost (K)
*Chris Campbell (B)
*Don Brewer (D)
*Alto Reed (Sax)

"UMC" / "This Old House" (Pallidium/Reprise) 1974

"Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" / "Tales Of Lucy Blue" (Capitol) February, 1968
"Ivory" / "The Last Song" (Capitol) 1969
"Innervenus Eyes" / "Lonely Man" (Capitol) 1969
"Noah" / "Lennie Johnson" (Capitol) 1970
"Lucifer" / "Big River" (Capitol) 1970
"Lookin' Back" (Capitol) September, 1970

"Seven" (Palladium/Reprise) March, 1974
   *Jim McCarty (G)
"Beautiful Loser" (Capitol) April, 1975
Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section:
   *Pete Carr (G)
   *Barry Beckett (K)
   *David Hood (B)
   *Roger Hawkins (D, Percussion)

   *Spooner Oldham (K)
   *Jimmy Johnson (G)

Muscle Shoals Horn Section:
   *Harvey Thompson (Tenor Sax)
   *Harrison Calloway (Trumpet)
   *Charles Rose (Trombone)
   *Ron Eades (Baritone Sax)

   *Paul Kingery (G) The Assemblage
   *Tom Cartmell (Sax) Ormandy
   *Kenny Bell (G)
   *Stoney (V) Stoney & Meatloaf
   *Rocky (V)

"Live Bullet" (Capitol) April, 1976
"Night Moves" (Capitol) October, 1976
"Stranger In Town" (Capitol) May, 1978
"Against The Wind" (Capitol) February, 1980
"Nine Tonight" (Capitol) September, 1981
"The Distance" (Capitol) December, 1982
"Like A Rock" (Capitol) April, 1986
"The Fire Inside" (Capitol) October, 1991
"Bob Seger's Greatest Hits" (Capitol) October?, 1994
"It's A Mystery" (Capitol) October, 1995