(November 7, 1969 - 1971)


November 7:

The Bob Seger System, The Litter,
The Third Power, Catfish, Johnny & The Hurricanes
(Opening Night/The Litter failed to show up...)
November 8: SRC, The Third Power, Johnny & The Hurricanes
November 14 & 15: The Jagged Edge, The Sons (of Champlin), Promise
November 21 & 22: Little Richard, The March Brothers, The Sunday Funnies, The Up
November 28: The Nice, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Sky
November 29: The Nice, Brownsville Station, Richmond

December 5: The Frost, The Rotary Connection, The Dogs

December 6: The Amboy Dukes, New Hope
December 12: The Rotary Connection, The Third Power
December 13: The Third Power, Frijid Pink
December 19: Fleetwood Mac, The Sunday Funnies, Sky
December 20: The Bob Seger System, The March Brothers, All the Lonely People
December 26: Catfish, Love Sculpture, Virgin Dawn
December 27: Love Sculpture, Wilson Mower Pursuit, Ormandy


January 2:

The Frost, Plain Brown Wrapper, Richmond
January 3: The Frost, Golden Earring, Brownsville Station
January 9: The Amboy Dukes, Sky, Ohio Power
January 10: The Amboy Dukes, Teegarden & Van Winkle, Virgin Dawn

January 16: Golden Earring, All the Lonely People, Blackstone Row
January 17: Frijid Pink, The Jagged Edge, The Bhang
January 30: The Rationals, Catfish, Blues Train

February 6: Savage Grace, Brownsville Station
February 7: Pacific Gas & Electric, The Up
February 13: Savoy Brown, Virgin Dawn

February 14: SRC, The Rationals
February 20: Alice Cooper, The Chip Stevens Blues Band, Richmond
February 21: Alice Cooper, The Chip Stevens Blues Band, Blues Train
February 27: The Amboy Dukes, The Sunday Funnies
February 28: Catfish, Everlon Nevermore

March 6: Savage Grace, Southwind, Blues Train
March 7: Spirit, Southwind, Blues Train
March 13: The James Cotton Blues Band, The Rumor, Plain Brown Wrapper
March 14: The James Cotton Blues Band, Virgin Dawn, All the Lonely People
March 20 & 21: Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Family, Hamilton Face
March 27 & 28: Fever Tree, Iron, Funkadelic

April 3: All the Lonely People, Suite Charity
April 4: Catfish, The Frost, The Up
April 10: The Stooges, NRBQ, I-94
April 11: Savage Grace, NRBQ, The Maxx
April 17 & 18: Rod Stewart & The Faces, All the Lonely People, Dhobi's Itch

April 24: Tony Williams' Lifetime, The Rationals
April 25: Tony Williams' Lifetime, ?

May 1: Mecki Mark Men, Salvage, Wesselfox
May 2: The Bob Seger System, Mecki Mark Men, Julius Victor
May 8: Alice Cooper, Wesselfox, Mighty Quick
May 9: Alice Cooper, All the Lonely People, The Chip Stevens Blues Band
May 22: Detroit, Justice, Julius Victor
May 23: Catfish, All the Lonely People, Shakey Jake
May 29: The Frost, John Drake's Shakedown, Wesselfox
May 30: Savage Grace, White Light, John Drake's Shakedown

June 5: The Stooges, Mighty Quick, Ormandy
June 6: Poco, All the Lonely People, Salvage
June 12: The Bob Seger System, SRC, The Up, Swallow
June 19: Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, The Frost, Shakey Jake
June 26: Savage Grace, The Third Power, Jam Band

July 3: Brian Auger & The Trinity, Frijid Pink, Springwell
July 4: Brian Auger & The Trinity, Springwell, The Wizard
July 10: Bo Diddley, Brownsville Station, Ormandy


July 17: Savage Grace, Catfish, Julius Victor

July 21: Detroit, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen,
The Up, Shakey Jake, The Frut
("Rock Roll Conspiracy", a benefit for Jack Forrest)

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July 24: The Stooges, The Rationals, White Light


August 12:

The Bob Seger System, Salvage, Ormandy, Shakey Jake
August 19: SRC, Julia, Walpergis
August 26: Teegarden & Van Winkle, All the Lonely People, The Tea

September 11: The Amboy Dukes, All the Lonely People, Shakey Jake

September 12: The Frost, The Bob Seger System, Julia
September 18: Chicken Shack, The Third Power, Magic

September 26: Johnny Winter, The Up, Shakey Jake

October 3: Teegarden & Van Winkle, Plain Brown Wrapper, Springwell

October 10: The Stooges, The Bob Seger System, Julius Victor
October 14: Rod Stewart & The Faces, ?
October 31: The Amboy Dukes, Everlon Nevermore, John Drake's Shakedown

November 14: Bloodrock, The Third Power, Mutzie, Armada

November 21: Detroit, The Up, The Frut
November 28: Badfinger, Julia, The Woolies (Julius Victor?)

December 2?: SRC
December 5: Big Brother & The Holding Company, The Werks, Loki

December 12: The Stooges, Catfish, Jam Band
December 19: Humble Pie, May Blitz, Julia
December 26: Brownsville Station, Detroit, The Third Power, Cradle



January 2:

Alice Cooper, Salvage, The Werks
January 9: SRC, Catfish, Mutzie, Magic Ring
January 16: Parliament Funkadelic, The Woolies, Salvage
January 23: Chuck Berry, The Woolies, The Horny Toads, The Maxx

January 29: The Bob Seger System ("Farewell to Detroit" Shows), Detroit
January 30: The Bob Seger System (Last ever gig in Michigan), Pure Joy

February 6: Edgar Winter's White Trash, Tin House, Lucky Dog
February 20: Mason Proffitt, The Third Power, The Up, Elephant

February 27: SRC, Catfish, Cradle

March 6: The Amboy Dukes, Dada, The Tea
March 13: Detroit, Mutzie, The Assemblage, Salvage or
The Flying Burrito Brothers, Salvage (Fifth Estate listing)
March 19: Fleetwood Mac, Julia, Jam Band

March 20: SRC, Julia, Jam Band, Plain Brown Wrapper

March 27: Cactus, The Sunday Funnies, The Up or
Cactus, The Up, Pride of Women (Newspaper listing)

March 31: Ted Lucas, Jonathan Round, Princess & The Frog, & more... ("Acoustical Festival")

April 2: Catfish, Dick Wagner ("Frost & Friends"), REO Speedwagon
April 3: Buddy Miles, Ormandy, Mutzie
April 10: Badfinger, The Third Power, The Tea
April 17: Little Feat, The Assemblage, Salvage, Universe
April 24: The Stooges, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Guardian Angel

May 1: Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, Silver Hawk, Heresy
May 8: The Velvet Underground, Mutzie, Salvage
May 15: Bob Seger, The Up, The Frut (Newspaper Ad)


Bob Seger, The Up, Elephant (Card)


May 21: Guardian Angel, Silver Hawk
May 22: Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Catfish, Brat
May 28: The Assemblage, Salvage

June 4: The Up, The Tea, Virgin Dawn
June 5: SRC, Silver Hawk, Salvage
June 15: The Grease Band, Yvonne Elliman, The Tea

September 11: Bob Seger, SRC, The Tea (Reopening Date)
September 18: MC5, Guardian Angel, Suite Charity
September 25: Savage Grace, Springwell, The Whiz Kids